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We are an integrated advisory and strategic corporate communications agency, specialising in stakeholder relations,  and business development. We focus on ethical practices and transactions that support Africa’s sovereignty, development and growing global influence.

It is our responsibility to open dialogue, build trust and protect relationships, working in harmony with industry and governments to increase demand and valuation. LCH Consultancy & Associates has the insight and experience to communicate our client’s growth and address broader industry and ESG issues.


Our investor and financial public relations services support capital and debt raising while maintaining the perception of value across the global investment community. Specifically, we handle the disclosure of financial results, price-sensitive commercial developments and business strategies to a range of local and global audiences – these include shareholders, regulators and stock exchanges, institutional investors, industry analysts and international business media. 

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Our corporate communication programmes and strategic advisory services strengthen relationships across the media, public, industry, regulatory, and government audiences. External communications are conducted in line with corporate activities and in harmony with the broader contextual themes in the public arena. We deliver effective communications through multiple channels, all while analysing market opportunities to ensure any strategy developed is well informed. Ultimately, our services influence stakeholder perception while building reputation and brand equity locally and internationally.


We understand the opportunities Africa has to offer. Our years of on the ground experience position us with a unique ability to advise and counsel clients, helping them reach their business development goals. We offer due diligence services and identify partnerships and strategic alliances that support the highest level of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles that deliver on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). 

Our Clients

We represent clients dedicated to positive societal & environmental impact and sustainable development in Africa.


We forge lasting partnerships with clients that span well beyond a specific remit or project – a form of custodianship that ties together our successes and drives us to succeed. 
From engineering and transportation to energy and financial services, our client base spans a range of sectors which excites us. 
And we are not limited to specific industries or parts of the economy. If endeavours show promise for Africa, we want to know about them and play our part in pushing them forward.  

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"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come”
- Victor Hugo -

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