Social Media Communications


We offer a unique service by intelligently integrating PR with Social Media discipline and function. We measure the online communication needs of our clients, identify target audiences, create newsworthy content and engage conversation

Where are you...
Who are you...
Who’s listening...
What makes you unique...
Who needs to know...

Are you where you should be?
Are you known?
Are you engaging?
Are you telling the right Story?
Are you social networking?

We conduct a thorough audit of our client’s current social media and online positioning across all channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc) identifying areas of weaknesses and strengths. 

Content & Engagement

Only after conducting a thorough review and audit, and once the social media structure has been designed and applied, can we launch a bespoke social media communications programme.

Social media content must echo the client’s overall communication programme and be in line with company strategy. This requires planning, origination and generation of transcribed content.

3rd Party content highlights news, key issues and current affairs that are relevant to the client’s online social network. . This is normally achieved by reposting and sharing content generated by others.

Crisis Communications: In today’s world, social media channels are the first medium to feature breaking news.  It is vital that contributors are briefed on and follow the client’s crisis communications procedures.

Engagement: ‘Comment’, ‘Share’, ‘ReTweet’.  Our aim is to engage target audiences by posting content that stimulates a reaction from the reader.  Unique and relevant social media content spreads ‘virally’, however it is important to remain in control by monitoring and responding in line with communications strategy.

It is also important that ‘best-practice’ visual communications and brand consistency, born from the client’s website, is disseminated across all channels.

Social Media Customer Relationship Management: Working together is key.  We ask our clients to provide a clear pathway to designated personnel who can provide their audience with timely, helpful answers to enquiries. We wish our clients to be 'socially devoted' and integrate social media communications across all departments.

Reporting-The Proof of roi

Accurate periodical reporting with data analysis enables us to measure our audiences’ sentiment and drive action.

The majority of online interactions occur within social media pages and not on company websites, and therefore will not appear within Google Analytics.  However, with correct tracking know-how and expert handling, we can aggregate data from all sources, report on performance, analyse activity and make valuable recommendations. 

By understanding the audience’s behaviour and monitoring others who share our audience we can proactively and organically enlarge our social network, ensuring The Story is heard loud and clear.