Financial PR & Investor Relations

In today's world of challenging economic environments, hyperactive financial markets and increased competition, we understand that in order for our client to be heard, we must leverage a more comprehensive and dynamic service.  We aim to deliver a broader communications strategy, one that engages the investor while seeking support from all stakeholders, including governments, regulatory authorities, employees and customers, etc.  

  • International Business Media Relations

  • Analyst Relations

  • Equity story development

  • Crisis Communications

  • Consensus & guidance

  • Financial announcements

  • Regulatory disclosure

  • Annual reports

  • IPO's & Mergers/acquisitions

  • Investor Relations

Get it Right

The primary source of data and analysis of a company is its annual report and accounts, published as legally obliged.  However, it is increasingly more important that these reports give colour and depth to wider trading conditions and corporate governance in order to engage the desired long-term investor. 

The Board and Management have a responsibility to their shareholders to communicate their strategy clearly and transparently and, in addition, this must include a clear view of the company's culture, which ultimately influences their decisions.

And, although there is greater pressure to disclose deeper and greater guidance, the approach needs to be measured and the delivery carefully communicated in order to avoid being held a hostage to fortune.

Relationships are key

Analysts and business media are vital for disseminating an investment proposition.  Their research and coverage guides the investor's decision making and importantly, the share price and company valuation.

We enjoy strong relationships across the investor community as well as with business media and we know how to connect and manage these relationships.

Integrity and trust are vital.  

Corporate & Consumer PR