Our Story

As our world becomes increasingly more competitive, it is our unique combined quality
of thought that distinguishes us.  Ideas open doors, techniques solve problems
and insight makes sense of it all.

For over 11 years, Lydia-Claire Halliday worked for a world renowned leading international Financial & Corporate PR Agency in the City of London. During this time, Lydia built upon her already very strong international network of influential professionals, journalists, analysts, business leaders and entrepreneurs.   Then, in early 2012, she decided that it was time to look to Sub-Sahara Africa and join one of the world's most positive and sustainable growth stories, a prime focus of the international investment community.   In order to satisfy the demand for high end, strategic corporate communications across the region,  Lydia-Claire Halliday Consultancy Ltd was incorporated and registered in London and Nairobi.

LCH Consultancy has formed exclusive alliances with highly experienced and skilled communication, marketing and brand specialists across UK and Africa to offer complementary integrated services. 

Together we are able to adapt and meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients,wherever they are...